Angolo delle Fate

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The FAIRIES CORNER   comes from   an ancient idea ,  a   desire   deep   secret   that has   pursued   over the years,   the desire to create   a place where   the traveller   could find   refreshment   in a warm , magical,  peaceful, with   the   hospitality and friendliness   that has always distinguished   these places,   a simple place,   simple   as   are the tastes   that we propose , the result of  endless   research and selection ,  products of the earth   and the sun that   always   blesses   these valleys   with his golden   caress .  This axiom,   linking the   scent of the lake   and the tastes   of the valleys   that surround it,   can be seen   in the unique taste   and in the unforgettable flavours .
Francesco & Daniela

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